Amusement Park Injury Lawsuit

Amusement Park Injury Lawsuits

When a ride malfunctions at an amusement park, carnival, theme park, state fair, or street fair it can cause serious or permanent injuries to park visitors

Amusement Park visitors and park employees can be injured or killed by mechanical failure while attempting to enter or exit ride areas, or while attempting to retrieve a lost clothing, shoes, hats, glasses, or other personal items.

Mechanical failures are the most common reason for ride injuries and can occur because of poorly maintained or aging rides and equipment. Ride mechanisms are in continuous use on average of up to 14 hours each day.

Mechanical failure can include rides that suddenly stop, eject riders, collide with each other, or fail to stop causing injuries that can be fatal or permanently life-altering.

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Every year, 335 million people visit amusement parks in the U.S.

Negligent amusement park and carnival operators are responsible for thousands of accidents every year.

Depending on the circumstances of an amusement park accident, legal responsibility for injuries to park visitors are amusement park owners, ride designers, ride manufacturers, ride operators or concession stand owners.

When someone is injured at an amusement park, the park may be liable for those injuries and damages. Amusement park injury victims can file a personal injury lawsuit against those negligently responsible to get financial damages for their injuries.

Amusement Park Accidents

Common Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

Accidents can happen at big Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, or small local carnivals at any time. Here are common causes of amusement park accidents listed in lawsuits, court documents, and settlement news articles.

Abrupt Seizure of Mechanism
Abrupt Starts and Stops
Amusement Park Employee Caused Accident
Amusement Park Assaults
Amusement Park Robberies
Animal Bite and Attack
Assault and Battery
Bad Lighting
Being Thrown from Inflatable Devices
Blocked Walkway
Brakes Failure
Broken Benches
Broken Concrete
Broken Curbs
Broken Handrails
Broken Pavement
Broken Ride Restraints
Broken Sidewalks
Broken Stairs
Broken Machinery
Broken Welds
Cables Snapping
Car Collisions
Chipped Stairs
Construction Flaws
Corroded or Rusty Rides
Dangerous Rides
Defective Flooring
Defective or Poorly Designed Ride
Defective Parts of a Ride
Defective Roller Coaster
Design Defects
Debris on Ground
Emergency Brake Failure
Employee Under the Influence of Alcohol
Employee Under the Influence of Drugs
Equipment Failures
Exposed Electrical Wiring
Failure of Restraint System
Failure of Ride Operators to Follow Operating Procedures
Failure of Safety Equipment
Failure Remove Dangerous Equipment
Failure to Adequately Warn Patrons of Ride Dangers
Failure to Carefully Enforce Posted Safety Rules
Failure to Deploy Safety Nets
Failure to Fix Broken Parts on Rides
Failure to Fix Broken Seats on Rides
Failure to Follow Age/Height/Weight/Requirements
Failure to Follow State Safety Regulations
Failure to Inspect Maintain Rides
Failure to Inspect Rides
Failure to Maintain Equipment
Failure to Maintain Rides
Failure to Operate A Ride Properly
Failure to Post Clear Warning Signs
Failure to Properly Restrain Patrons
Failure to Properly Train Ride Operators
Failure to Provide Hand or Guard Rails on Stairs
Failure to Provide Instructions to Ride Users
Failure to Provide Rails on Stairs or Ramps
Failure to Replace Broken or Dangerous Equipment
Failure to Shutoff Emergency Stop
Failure to Train Ride Operators
Failure to Warn Passengers of Dangers and Restrictions
Failure to Warn Visitors About Known Hazards.
Falling Items Striking the Head
Falling Objects
Falling Out of Cars
Falling Out of Swing
Falls from Rides
Faulty Assembly
Faulty Maintained Equipment
Food Poisoning
Food Spills in Dining Areas
Gasoline Fires
Getting on and Off Rides
Hard Stops
Improper Assembly
Improper Belting
Improper Employee Training
Imprpoer Installation
Improper Repairs
Improper Ride Operation
Improper Safety Locks
Improper Safety Restraints
Improper Sanitation
Improperly Calibrated Cables
Inadequate Inspection Procedures
Inadequate Lighting
Inadequate Padding
Inadequate Staff Training
Inadequate Supervision
Inappropriate Ride Operator Behavior
Inherent Nature of a Ride
Instruction Failure
Intentional Rocking
Intentionally Unsafe Operation of The Ride
Jostling from Uncontrolled Crowds
Lack of Lifeguards
Lack of Proper Safety Harness
Lack of Ride Inspection
Lack of Ride Maintenance
Lack of Supervision
Loose Cables Around the Park
Loose Ride Parts
Malfunctioning Lap Bars on Rides
Malfunctioning Lap Bars on Seat Belts
Malfunctioning Rides
Malfunctioning Safety Restraints
Malfunctioning Seat Belts on Rides
Mechanical Failure
Mechanical Problems
Missing Signs of Passenger Distress
Negligent Hiring of Employees
Negligent Ride Builders
Negligent Ride Operators
Negligent Security
Not Following Safety Instructions
Not Inspecting Riders for Properly Fitted Safety Harnesses
Not Properly Strap in Riders
Not Securing the Passenger in A Ride Safely
Operator Inattention or Error
Passenger Misuse of Rides
Patron Error
Physical Assault by Crew Members
Poor Lighting
Poor Quality Replacement Parts
Poor Ride Construction
Poor Ride Design
Providing Incorrect Instructions to Riders
Ride Collisions
Ride Component Failure
Ride Ejections
Ride Malfunctions
Ride Mechanical Failure
Ride Operator Error
Ride Track Sticking
Rides Becoming Stuck
Risky Behavior by Patrons
Safety Harness and Strap Failure
Safety Lock Failure
Seat Restraints Failure
Sexual Assault by Crew Members
Sharp and Protruding Ride Parts
Slick Stairs
Slick Walkways
Slip-and-Fall on Slick Walkways
Slip-and-Fall on Wet Stairs
Slippery and Wet Surfaces
Slippery Floors
Slippery Surfaces
Slips from Spilled Food and Drink
Snapping of Cables
Stopping Rides Abruptly
Structural Failures
Structural Flaws
Structure Corrosion
Thrown off Ride
Torn Carpeting
Trip Hazards
Uneven Surfaces
Unrepaired Ride Damage
Unsafe Loading/Unloading Procedures
Unsecured Mechanical Equipment
Water Damage
Wet Stairs or Steps
Wobbly Stair Rail

Common Amusement Park Injuries

The most common injuries that happen at amusement parks can include.

Ankle Injury
Artery Tear In Neck
Back Injury
Bone Fractures
Brain Aneurysms
Brain Hemorrhages
Broken Bone
Broken Limb
Broken Ribs
Burn Injury
Connective Tissue Injury
Deadly Falls
Death Neck Injury
Disc Herniation
Dislocated Joints
Elbow Injury
Emotional Injury – PTSD
Facial Injury
Facial Trauma
Fall Injury
Food Poisoning
Foot  Injury
Fractured Limbs
Hand Injury
Head Injury
Heart Attacks
Heart Failure
Hip Injury
Injured Extremities
Internal Bleeding
Internal Injury
Internal Organ Damage
Joint Dislocation
Joint Injury
Knee Injury
Life-Threatening Puncture Wounds
Loss of Nerve Sensation
Motion Sickness
Muscle Sprains
Muscle Strains
Neck Injury
Neck Trauma
Nerve Damage And
Permanent Disfigurement
Permanent Scarring
Puncture Wounds
Severe Contusions
Severed Limb
Shoulder Injury
Soft Tissue Injury
Spinal Cord
Spinal Cord Injury
Spinal Injury
Strained Neck
Superficial Puncture Wounds
Torn Ligaments
Torn Muscles
Torn Tendons
Trauma Resulting In
Traumatic Brain Injury (Tbi)
Whiplash Injury
Wrist Injury
Wrongful Death

Amusement Park Accidents Involving Workers

Many workers at Amusement Parks, Theme Parks and Carnivals are outsourced workers that maintain the park grounds or operate park rides. Amusement park jobs include ride managers, ticket attendants, concessions workers, park managers, game operators, costumed characters, cleaning staff, and repairmen.

Contracted Theme Park and Amusement Park workers are susceptible to injury and even death while working on park grounds and may not have the same workers’ compensation coverage as regular park employees.

Contracted or Outsourced workers that are injured while working on Amusement park fairgrounds may be eligible to file a lawsuit if they are injured on the job as a result of negligence on the part of the amusement park owners or operators.

Amusement Park operators and park owners have a responsibility to ensure that park employees and other workers have a safe working environment.

Amusement Theme Parks Owe You a Duty of Care

Most states without specific regulations for amusement parks, carnivals and theme parks have that are called duty of care rules for businesses open to the public. Amusement park owners and operators must do everything reasonably possible to protect their visitors from undue harm.

When amusement park operators fail to protect their visitors from injury, they have violated their legal obligation (or duty of care).

Anyone liable for an amusement park or roller coaster accident may be held responsible to the injured victim for damages. In an any amusement park accident, there may be multiple negligent parties who are responsible for damages.

What to do When Injured at an Amusement Park

If you have been injured in an amusement park accident, whether on the grounds or while on a ride, you have a right to compensation. For a claim to be successful, you will need to gather evidence to prove the amusement park’s negligence caused your injuries.

  • Report your injury to ride operator
  • Talk to all witnesses
  • Take photos, videos, and audio
  • Seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries
  • Keep records of all related medical bills
  • Write down your recollection of the accident.
  • Consult an experienced injury lawyer before you sign, or agree to, any written statements or documents with the amusement park.

What Needs to Be Proven For an Amusement Park Claim

  • Amusement park should have known or knew of the unsafe conditions.
  • Amusement park did not repair or remove the unsafe conditions.
  • Unsafe conditions were the direct cause of your injury.
  • You did not do anything to cause your injury.
  • Your injury is medically verifiable.
  • Unsafe conditions caused your injuries.

Possible defendants in an amusement park accident lawsuit may include:

Amusement Park Attraction Manufacturers
Amusement Park Attraction Owners
Amusement Park Employees
Amusement Park Operators
Amusement Park Parent Company
Amusement Park Workers
Cleaning Staff
Concession Workers
Costumed Characters
Food and Drink Vendors
Game Operators
Park Insurance Companies
Park Managers
Park Supervisors
Ride Manager
Ride Manufacturers
Ride Operator
Roller Coaster Engineers
Roller Coaster Equipment Manufacturers
Roller Coaster Parts Manufacturers
Safety Inspectors
Security Guards
Shuttle Drivers
Staff Member
Third-Partie Park Vendors For Goods and Services
Ticket Attendants
Water Park Operators
Water Park Owners

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Amusement Park Accident Injury Settlements & Verdicts

  • $1.5 Million Awarded to woman injured while riding a roller coaster in an amusement park lawsuit.
  • $9.9 Million Settlement for a woman who suffered traumatic brain injury from falling from an amusement park ride.
  • $2 Million Settlement for a minor child that broke both of his ankles when he exited out of an amusement park ride.
  • $20 million Settlement for 10-year-old Kansas boy who died on a waterslide in Schlitterbahn water park.
  • $1.7 Million Settlement for a California girl that died in the collapse of a water slide.
  • $8.5 million Settlement against a Fair Grounds owner for dumping manure, horse urine into city canals.
  • $325,000 Settlement for Trip and Fall on a Cruise Ship (Broken Arm)
  • $600,000 Settlement for an Amusement Park Injury.
  • $3.3 million Settlement in Carnival Ride Failure accident for 4 children that suffered injuries against the Amusement Park manufacturer and previous and current owners of a defective carnival ride.
  • $1,000,000 Settlement for 5-year-old boy that died when thrown from a mechanically defective ride at an amusement park.
  • $3.1 Million Settlement in a product liability/negligence action involving injuries sustain by an infant injured in a shopping cart accident.
  • $2.4 Million Settlement– 72-year-old woman suffered a severe spinal injury from slip & fall on an uneven public sidewalk.
  • $1.4 Million Settlement– Traumatic Brain injury caused by driver who made an illegal left hand turn causing collision.
  • $2.2 Million Settlement– Faulty roadwork and hazardous road conditions resulted in a bicyclist crashing and suffering multiple broken bones and severe head injuries.

Amusement Park Accident Injury Statistics

  • 3,400 accidents are reported at amusement parks each year in the U. S. – According to data from the CPSC
  • 4,400 children get injured each year on amusement rides according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS).
  • More than 270,000,000 people visit amusement parks and Theme Parks each year in the United States.
  • 51% of amusement park injuries and accidents affect children.
  • Women ate 1.5 time hurt at amusement parks than men.
  • More than 43,000 people are treated for amusement park injuries each year, with most injuries affecting people under the age of 24.
  • On an average day, there will be about 117 amusement park injuries every day.
  • About 40 percent of the injuries that occur in amusement parks happened on roller coasters.
  • Roller coasters rides cause 27.6 percent of amusement park deaths.
  • Ferris wheels and other elevated rides cause 20.7 percent of amusement park deaths.
  • Water rides are responsible for 15.3 percent of amusement park deaths.
  • Spinning rides cause 13.6 percent of amusement park deaths.
  • Nearly 40,000 injuries requiring emergency care are linked to amusement parks, theme parks, and traveling carnivals in 2016. – U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  • In a 2013 study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital reported that every year, nearly 4,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for amusement park injuries.
  • 70 percent of all amusement park injuries occur in the summer months. – USA Today News
  • Drowning is a leading cause of death in water amusement parks.
  • Head and neck were the most common body regions injured. – Data examined by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

For a Personal Injury lawsuit to be successful, personal injury lawyers have to show that your injury resulted from the negligence of another party. In the case of a Personal Injury lawsuit victims and immediate family members have the right to file a personal injury claim.

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Amusement Park Accident Injury Damages

When Amusement Park companies are negligent with improper equipment maintenance, structural maintenance, design flaws, and defective rides they can be held liable for injuries caused to innocent people that suffer serious injuries or death.

Victims in injury-related claims are entitled to damages including:

Disfigurement Damages (past and future)
Economic Damages (past and future)
End of Life Cost Damages
Exemplary Damages
Funeral Expense Damages
Future Economic Damages
General Damages
Gross Negligence Damages
Loss of Companionship Damages
Loss of Consortium Damages
Loss of Earning Capacity Damages
Loss of Life Damages
Loss of Wages Damages (past and future)
Medical Expense Damages
Mental Anguish Damages
Monetary Compensation Damages
Nominal Damages
Non-Economic Damages
Pain and Suffering Damages
Pecuniary and Non Pecuniary Damages
Physical Impairment Damages (past and future)
Treble Damages
Workers Compensation Damages
Wrongful Death Claims

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